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Energy conservation is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing profitability.  Gaston Fabrication’s long experience in designing, rating and producing heat exchangers for this purpose is called on more and more by customers in various industries.

Gaston Fabrication’s engineering group offers a wide variety of design capabilities such as:

PIP (Process Industry Practice) VECV1001 for vessel and shell and tube heat exchanger design criteria  
PIP VEFV1002 for vessel and shell and tube heat exchanger fabrication  
PIP VEFV1100 for vessel and shell and tube heat exchanger standards details 
TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers’ Association) standards for heat exchanger calculations

Some typical heat exchanger design capabilities include U-shaped, straight, fixed head, floating and packed head. Heat exchangers can be fabricated to satisfy given processing requirements or to meet tight specifications furnished by the customer. Retubing and repair services are available along with fabrication of original equipment.